Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Bonding with Wonder Woman

a Harvard-educated psychologist

Frankly, Wonder Woman is psychological propaganda for the new type of woman who should, I believe, rule the world. Marston believed that submission to "loving authority" was the key to overcoming mankind's violent urges, and that strong, self-realized women were the hope for a better future.

Wonder Woman was very consciously Marston's means of spreading these notions to impressionable young minds. As he said to Olive Richard, "I tell you, my inquiring friend, there's great hope for this world. Women will win!" He then goes on, "When women rule, there won't be any more [war] because the girls won't want to waste time killing men...I regard that as the greatest - no, even more - as the only hope for permanent peace."

Those chains look uncomfortable. 
No wonder Nazis were considered rude.

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may look upset, but she still hasn't 
shouted her safe word

You’ll have to excuse me while I catch my breath after that much concentrated sarcasm.  Who here didn't know that the original Princess Diana (Ms. Magazine’s Mascot) was the poster girl for restraint fetishism for her entire career? 

 Wonder Woman's creator, Charles Marston was an outspoken bondage enthusiast who insisted in books and interviews that the world would be a more peaceful place if we all learned to sheepshank our loved ones.

This was before we knew that sort of thing was “weird” and he was still allowed to be photographed for glossy magazines and shop at local stores all through the forties and fifties. 

And if peace through mutual rope burns wasn’t enough for Mr. and Mrs. America, the good doctor had two openly poly-amorous wives, each of whom bore him a couple of kids, and the whole sordid commune of anti-establishment love lived happily ever after.

When first coming to America, Wonder Woman took the name "Diana Prince" as her alias. This name comes from the fact that her real name was Diana and she was a huge fan of the musician Prince. 

Wonder Woman Posing as a War Department secretary by day and a star spangled stripper by night, she quickly developed a completely forgettable supporting cast

  Lynda Carter  

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Wonder Woman Kickin’Butt & Takin’ Names

The Iranian government has once again penetrated US soil and has sent their top spy to infiltrate America’s most lucrative business, the Porn Industry. Through the help of a sultry US informant, the Iranian spy has gained access to California’s biggest porn production sets in order to steal their secrets and bring them back home. There is only one person that can stop the  Iranian insurgence. There is only one person who can make a man crumble to his knees and beg for mercy, Wonder Woman! Will the  Iranian spy succeed in her mission to rip off America’s beloved porn or will he succumb to the wealth and riches of the most sought after pussy on the planet. Will Wonder Woman save the day or are her powers futile against the terrorist attacks of the Iranian infidels.


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