Wednesday, March 13, 2013

Brilliant Doxxy Campaign

What a tangle WEB scammers weave! This could be a BRILLIANT multi-client promotion campaign!  

The Doxxing site main page, which is titled “The Secret Files"
If you believe that God makes miracles, you have to wonder if Satan has a few up his sleeve.”

doxy - Christian Religious Writings / Theology opinion or doctrine, esp concerning religious matters

The name "Doxy" was a code name used by John D. Rockefeller's personnel to communicate about shady dealings, and it meant "Standard Oil" in the parlance of that era of Trust building and Monopolism.

NOTE: Incompetence? I don't think all the data is correct. It's hard to fathom that Michelle Obama, Joe Biden or FBI Director Robert Mueller's social security numbers would be in the wild. 

The doxxing campaign was even picked up by the mass media

As first reported, oddly enough, by TMZ, a rogue website has published “financial dossiers” on a random group of high-profile individuals

The A keyword list
Michelle Obama, Joe Biden, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Sarah Palin, Attorney-General Eric Holder, Los Angeles Police Chief Charlie Beck, Stacia Hylton (U.S. Marshals Director), Mitt Romney and FBI Director Robert Mueller personal financial profiles were hacked (doxxed) and posted publicly online.

The B keyword list
Donald Trump,Jay-Z, Beyoncé, Ashton Kutcher, Kim Kardashian, Tiger Woods and Paris Hilton 

Note: The doxxy list is growing while I am building this blog

Information dug out of brokers databases?

The concept of getting free credit scores has been mined by con-artists and scammers repeatedly. Unfortunately, most of these scams are perpetrated by well known companies and by the credit reporting bureaus themselves. 

It appears (reported) that three leading personal credit-monitoring agencies, TransunionEquifax and CreditKarmaacknowledged the files were accessed illegally, but said it was done through other firms by someone using the personal data of the victims, and not by hacking their own computers.

The Shockingly Easy Process Behind The Celebrity Credit Report "Hacks". To call this a hack, though, isn't quite right. Doxxing is actually a fairly straight forward process.

Possible Uses/reasons for this doxxing site 

1) Honey trap for copy cats
2) Disinformation from the alphabet soup 
3) Anti personal data brokers campaign
4) "The Truth is Out There" Journalist creating news
5) Google fog, lots of hacking news lately 
6) Self promotion by proxy
7) Created by a pay for hits/likes program
8) Donald Trump has a new political agenda (LoL)
9) FEME protesting British Left’s War on ‘Page Three Girls

Or it could just be a group of hackers having some internet fun, to see how many hits they receive




half a million hits in one day

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